Triple C Peanut Policy

Allergies to peanuts, peanut butter and other nut products are a serious health concern.  People who are highly allergic are at risk for anaphylactic shock which is a medical emergency.  Some people are so sensitive that even the smell of peanuts or second-hand contact with someone who has eaten a peanut product can produce a reaction.  This year at Triple C we have a number of students with peanut allergies.

          For health and safety reasons,  please do not send any peanuts, peanut butter or food items with peanuts or nuts as ingredients to school for snack or lunch.  We also must ask that all snacks be sent in their original packaging so that we may check the ingredients if necessary, as many snacks are prepared in the same facilities where products containing peanuts are produced.  While we cannot guarantee that Triple C is a peanut-free school, this policy will help us significantly reduce the opportunity for peanut products to be brought into our facility.

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