History of Triple C Nursery School

Christian Care for Children or "Triple C" Nursery School was established in 1972 as a ministry of East Swamp Church to preschool children and their parents.  It all began at a Sunday School picnic during the summer of 1972. Loretta Miller, a member of East Swamp Church at that time, had a vision to begin a nursery school with a Christian emphasis.  While several nursery schools were already functioning in the community, none were Bible-based.  Loretta saw a need for children to hear about God's Word in the setting of a nursery school.

While attending the Sunday School picnic, Loretta shared her burden with Rev. Norman Schmidt, the pastor of East Swamp Church at the time.  He provided much encouragement, and by the fall of 1972 Triple C Nursery School opened its doors to nine students. Loretta wrote a Bible-based curriculum that was used during her time at the school.

As the school developed over the years, several significant changes were made.  In 1979, a Board was established to oversee the Nursery School. The enrollment in 1979 was 53.

Since 1979, the Board has given direction to Triple C under the supervision of the East Swamp Church Council and the Elder Board.  Until 1988, the staff of the school was administered by a Head Teacher.  In 1988, the Board decided to hire a Director to administer the school operation.  Our current Director is Lisa Spence.

Our most recently added programs, On My Own and Lunchtime Adventures have been a wonderful addition to our programs. 

Triple C was granted accreditation by ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International) in June 2004.

Today Triple C has grown to an enrollment of 150.  Presently, there are two classes of 2 year-olds, 3 classes of 3-year-olds and 4 classes of 4-year-olds and one Pre-K class.  The original goal of using a Bible-based curriculum in a nursery school setting continues to be implemented today.  Triple C strives to be an effective outreach into the community for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We give God the glory and praise for His blessing on the ministry of Triple C.

Triple C--Christian Care for Children is a preschool program for 2 ½ - 5-year-old children that has continuously served the young families in our community since 1972. We offer a complete curriculum that stresses academic, spiritual, emotional, and physical development. Email us at triplec@eastswamp.org for more info!  

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