Building Blocks

Each month we provide parents with a monthly newsletter filled with information about school activities.  In addition, parents receive a class newsletter giving information about their specific class.  To view a copy of the current month's newsletter, please click on the link below.

This month's Building Blocks (our newsletter) for all classes.


"Class News" newsletters:

 2-AM (Mrs. Krochmal/Mrs.Derr) 3-AM (Mrs. Landes/Mrs. Schaffer)
 2-AM (Mrs. Landes/Mrs. Schaffer) 3-AM (Mrs. Bickel/Mrs. DiRenzo)
 2-AM (Mrs. Bickel/Mrs. DiRenzo) Pre-K  (Mrs. Rice/Mrs. Carl)
 3-AM (Mrs. Krochmal/Mrs. Derr) OMO - (T/Th) (Mrs. Lambing/Mrs. Rotenberger)
OMO (W/F) (Mrs. Lambing/Mrs. Rotenberger)


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